I used to work in a big beauty brand, developing marketing campaigns and seeing human and animal rights campaigns against the beauty industry. At some point, I just burned out, so I took the decision to quit my job and start my own small company. I contacted local producers and began creating beauty products with good ingredients, natural components.

I wanted to create something for a specific lifestyle and deliver certain messages around the brand. That’s why it became so attractive, because we care about things like nature based products, the environment and inside beauty. I’m really glad about the feedback; people is saying they’re really happy with the results they’re getting with our products. This is why we’ve been able to grow and create new lines of products, for example, men’s care items.

The funniest piece for women’s care is this item that makes beards soft and less annoying to us. The idea came up because my husband is a bearded man (and his beard is pretty cool), and when he’s trimming it, it’s rough on my skin. Many women have the same problem! So, the most popular product we have for men is actually created to help women.

Beauty is something that’s inside each individual, something we all carry and have. Sometimes it's locked and needs to be expressed and shown. Some folks do it by changing their hair color, or dressing in a way or another. Others express it through their creations.

I think I can help people find their beauty by supporting them at being whatever they wanna be, and creating products that are fun, a bit crazy, a bit different… not standard, let’s say. In some way, I feel like part of their lives when they use our products.

The more the project grows, the harder my personal life becomes. I have a family, two husky dogs, elder parents. Being capable to manage all that and still focus on achieving my  goals… I’m not complaining, but it's tough. I find balance when a few things that make me happy come together. My balance is also in my husband, when I spend time with him and my family, my dogs. Also going to the river, be there with my husband and friends. That’s really my balance in life.

Andrés Piña
Belgrade, Serbia
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